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New Products

The Toiletry Kit- Female contains the following items:

  • Women's Antipersperant/Deoderant - Fresh Blast (2oz)
  • Fresh Aloe Vera Skin Lotion, 20 oz.
  • Health Smart Body Wash- Lavender Jasmine (12 oz.)
  • Health Smart Shampoo - Lavender (12oz)
  • Health Smart Conditioner - Lavender (12oz)
  • Health Smart Freshmax Toothpaste with free toothbrush - Mint (6.4oz)
  • Basic Solutions Cushioned Paddle Brushes
  • Regular Maxi Pads - 16 Count
  • Soft Facial Tissues, 185 Count
  • Body Spray, 8.4 oz.
Quantity Needed : 10

The Hygiene Kit- Full Size contains the following items:

  • Health Smart Shampoo - Ocean Breeze (12oz)
  • Health Smart Conditioner - Ocean Breeze (12oz)
  • Body Wash- Cocoa Shea Butter (12 oz.)
  • Health Smart Freshmax Toothpaste with free toothbrush - Mint (6.4oz)
  • Spring Mint Antiseptic Mouth Rinse
  • Eclipse 3 Xtra Comfort Triple Blade Razor (3 count)
  • Health Smart Lotion - Aloe Vera (15oz)
  • Foot Powder
Quantity Needed : 10